X-Men Fame Vinnie Jones SLAMS The Last Stand Makers: “I Was An Extra, I Was GUTTED”

 X-Men Fame Vinnie Jones SLAMS The Last Stand Makers: “I Was An Extra, I Was GUTTED”

X-Men Fame Vinnie Jones SLAMS The Last Stand Makers: “I Was An Extra, I Was GUTTED” (Photo Credit: Instagram/Vinnie Jones & IMDb)

Vinnie Jones, who’s all set for the discharge of his movie The Big Ugly, was seen taking part in The Juggernaut in X-Men: The Last Stand. It was again in 2006, however there have been studies about Vinnie not liking the best way his function was handled within the movie.

Vinnie has lastly opened up about the entire X-Men fiasco. He pours his emotions out and divulges how his character was utterly ‘dissolved’. He additionally talks concerning the alterations within the storyline which modified his character.

In a dialog with Comicbook Movie, Vinnie Jones was requested whether or not or not he ‘loved’ taking part in Juggernaut within the X-Men movie. To which he replied, “No. I loved the role, but hopefully, you can put it f***ing right here, mate. I basically got mugged off. Matthew Vaughn signed me up, and it was a great role and a great script, and Juggernaut was a great character. I signed up for three of them, and that will show you how serious I was about it. Brett Ratner basically dissolved the character. I was in my f***ing trailer half the time. It’s one of the most disappointing jobs I’ve been on as far as, you know, ‘What am I doing here?’”T

He additionally added, “It wasn’t the same Juggernaut as I signed on for. They took his storyline away; they’d taken his character away, his dialogue. I had two big meetings with Brett about it, and he said, ‘Yeah, yeah, it’s coming. They’re writing stuff for you as we speak’ and it never f***ing happened. Disappointment wise, that was probably one of the biggest. What’s upsetting is some of the fans blame me! It was f***ing nothing to do with me! That role, I didn’t sign up for. The Juggernaut you saw was not the Juggernaut I signed on for with Matthew Vaughn, I’ll tell you that now. It upset me.”

Vinnie Jones additionally known as himself an ‘additional’ on the units of the X-Men movie. He stated, “I know what it means to the fans, and I felt like I was a bit of a scapegoat as no one ever told my side of it. Nobody ever stood up and said, ‘Hold on a minute, we completely whitewashed Vinnie’s character. Basically, I was an extra, mate. That’s how I felt. I was gutted, to be honest.”

Brett Ratner was imagined to direct X-Men: First Class however Matthew Vaughn did the identical. On this distinction, Vinnie stated, “It was a different script, and then Brett, for some reason, brought all these other characters on board that had one line each in the f***ing movie, and it was a joke. It was so disappointing, you know?”

Ryan Reynolds voiced a VFX-created Juggernaut in Deadpool 2. But Vinnie Jones needs to ‘put it proper’. On getting one other probability of taking part in a villain within the Deadpool franchise, he stated, “Yeah, I’d love a chance at putting it right. I really would. That is a stone that I need to turn over if I ever got that chance.”

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