UNSENT Email Of Amber Heard To Johnny Depp: “I Watched You Pass Out Cold; Cleaned Your Sh*t & Vomit…”

 UNSENT Email Of Amber Heard To Johnny Depp: “I Watched You Pass Out Cold; Cleaned Your Sh*t & Vomit…”


Amber Heard’s UNSENT Email To Johnny Depp: “I Watched You Pass Out Cold, Cleaned Your Sh*t & Vomit…”
Amber Heard’s UNSENT Email To Johnny Depp: “I Watched You Pass Out Cold; Cleaned Your Sh*t & Vomit…”

Johnny Depp’s libel swimsuit is lastly coming to an finish. Post 2 weeks of trials that included witnesses from his in addition to NGN’s facet – the concluding statements are actually being heard at court docket. Yesterday, it was The Sun’s lawyer Sasha Wass who offered her remaining assertion. It was then when an unsent mail by Amber Heard was heard out aloud.

The mail was written by the Aquaman actress again in June 2013. She talked about particulars of her struggles resulting from Johnny’s alleged alcohol habit. Furthermore, Amber even accuses Depp of assault within the prolonged e-mail. The Sun has claimed that the mail was sufficient proof to show their ‘wife-beater’ claims towards the Fantastic Beasts actor.

The mail of Amber Heard started, “I just don’t know if I can do this anymore. It’s like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Half of you, I love. Madly. The other half scares me. I can’t take him. I wish I could, but I can’t. The problem is, I never really know/understand which one I’m dealing with until it’s too late. The drinking assures me that I am dealing with the monster. The abused scared insecure violent little boy. I just can’t tell where the line starts.” (Full e-mail beneath)

It is alleged that in cross-examination, Johnny Depp has referred to as all of it nothing however a ‘hoax.’ The actor mentioned, “Hoax is probably the best word one could use because the allegations, all of the allegations, are patently untrue. From hearing you read out this (email), that was not sent to me, and from some of the information I have garnered from my experience yesterday and having studied the case, I will suggest, ma’am, that it appears to me that Ms Heard was building a dossier very early on that appears to be an insurance policy for later.”

Haven’t learn full mail of Amber Heard but? Check it out beneath:

“Also, drugs seem to guarantee I will be forced to deal with the monster as well. Once again, it’s knowing what/how much/and when – which makes all the difference. Sometimes the hangover, the morning after is just as bad as the full-on disco blood bath I’ve come to expect. You live in a world full of enablers. You cut out and resent (whether you realise it or not) everyone who isn’t an enabler. I can make a clear distinction as to who falls into which category with complete ease. Just how often you see them and what role they play in your day-to-day life distinguishes where they fall on the enabling scale. I watch yesterday as everyone around you picked you up off the floor, held you up. Got you on with your life. Prevented you from really falling.”

“With so much help, of course you can’t know how much this hurts you and your life. Because you pay people around you to prevent your feet from having to hit the rock bottom, as they say. Yesterday, I saw you pass out, amongst vomiting, three times. All three times Jerry had carry you from the floor. On the plane Nathan mentioned how many times he’s had to break into locked doors to wake you up, after passing out on the toilet. You would have embarrassed yourself countless times if someone would be honest enough with you to tell you. To show you. If someone filmed you while you were in this state you would be mortified. It’s embarrassing just watching it happen,” the Aquaman actress added.

Amber Heard continued, “You can’t know as a result of individuals (associates?) preserve smiling to your face after which turning their heads and rolling their eyes at how ridiculous they appear and feel selecting a grown man up from his personal piss and vomit, understanding he’ll by no means be capable of realise how dangerous he appears to be like. Hungover – put up tablets isn’t a lot better. You’re imply and insensitive. I’ve no motive I’ve to stick with you. And I received’t. You don’t pay me. I don’t must mislead you for my job, livelihood or children. I’ll by no means wish to be locked into you. My freedom is now, I realise, the one factor I’ve to guard me. I’ll by no means ever belief you to entice me. I actually watched you go out chilly on the ground, after consuming your self sick. One of those instances you chop your self so badly that you just wanted stitches. You say belongings you don’t imply. You are not possible to motive with. So everybody placates you. Lies to you. Worse even, you mislead your self. And you imagine it.

“You have so many yes people around you constantly protecting you from yourself and the truth. They think looking at you in a disappointed way is truth? Ah, no wonder it doesn’t work. If they left you, on the floor in your own shit, locked in the bathroom while you missed work – then you might have to actually learn. Learn to take care of yourself. You think you’re so tough, big self-destruction – I-don’t-give-a-f*** man?!? B*******. If you really didn’t then you wouldn’t have so many people there to take care of you. You just let them do all the hard work while you run away from your problems unable to take pain. Such a big man that you need your paid assistants and family to carry and clean up after you. A real man doesn’t need to be cared for like a baby. What I saw last night was a child. You made me feel, at the beginning, safe. Like you could care for me. Like I could have a family with you. You made me feel like you were a real man – that was only half of you,” added Johnny Depp’s ex-wife.

The mail of Amber Heard concluded, “What I noticed yesterday, and lots of instances earlier than, is a needy man-child. I watch as different grown males must wipe you, mainly. And you get the handy advantage of by no means having to recollect it. That’s good. For you. So you get away with so many lies that you just inform your self. You really trick your self into considering the craziest lies whenever you’re f***** up and since your so accustomed to individuals NOT calling you out in your b******* (they give you the results you want – good day) that you just really imagine your s***. (Need a reference, how about whenever you really thought I hit you first. Or that I used to be hiding medicine – the listing goes on). Admit a few of your personal s*** first. Many instances you may have damage me. Physically and emotionally from the belongings you say and did whereas f***** up. The monster comes out and also you turn out to be imply and horrible. The reverse of why I like you. And what I’m to do? How would you be should you had been in love with one one who was actually, two? Both you, the love of my life, and the monster look the identical. How f****** confused I really feel. I’m mad. So mad. How would you are feeling should you had been offered false items?? I fell for you when you had been sober. An entire yr. How may I do know this lay in retailer for me? How dare you make me fall in love with you, current this different self – your good half – solely to tear the masks off as soon as I used to be in?! I really feel like the most important fool on the earth.

I’ve put up with a lot. I’ve cleaned s***, vomit and p*** up each actually and figuratively. I’ve been accused of loopy s*** – none of which I deserved – solely to by no means hear an apology to your booze-fuelled zeal. You have hit me repeatedly. Something you must by no means have accomplished. What a f****** man you’re. And NONE of this is able to be potential with out the booze and medicines. NONE.”

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