Shah Rukh Khan Was First Hindi Actor Fernao Lopes’ Suhani Gandhi Worked With – EXCLUSIVE

 Shah Rukh Khan Was First Hindi Actor Fernao Lopes’ Suhani Gandhi Worked With – EXCLUSIVE


Shah Rukh Khan Was First Hindi Actor Fernao Lopes' Suhani Gandhi Worked With, Actress Says "That Experience Was Really Interesting..." - EXCLUSIVE
Shah Rukh Khan Was First Hindi Actor Fernao Lopes’ Suhani Gandhi Worked With, Actress Says “That Experience Was Really Interesting…” – EXCLUSIVE

British actress (of Indian descent) Suhani Gandhi, who has featured in Bollywood movies and quick movies, is at present busy taking pictures for her upcoming collection Fernao Lopes. This collection that’s set within the 16th century Portuguese colonised Goa, additionally stars Portuguese-American actor Diogo Morgado. Read on to know snippets of what she stated beneath.

During our unique telephonic chat along with her, Suhani opened up concerning the present, her function and prep in addition to working with Diogo. She additionally shared her expertise working with Shah Rukh Khan in Jab Harry Met Sejal. The actress is at present with the crew taking pictures Fernao Lopes in Agueda, Portugal as owing to the coronavirus they can’t be in Goa.

Talking about how she was signed to come back onboard the collection, Suhani Gandhi stated, “It’s actually very interesting because I was back in London. It’s been a year I’ve been back in London and I have been exploring the British industry, a little bit away from Bollywood and stuff, and I was not really expecting any work. Sometimes I think, in some strange circumstances, somethings magically fall into place.”

She continued, “I have always wanted to do a period drama and I always wanted to do a die-hard romantic film and it’s always at the back of your head. And out of no where I got a call from my agent in London saying that, the director (of Fernao Lopes) has seen my work online and they want to meet on zoom and have a few meeting and cast me for it.”

Suhani Gandhi added, “It just kind off fell in my lap and one month later I was in Spain and Portugal shooting for this series, doing a character I have kind off always dreamt of. It’s a true story by the way. It’s essentially a love story.”

Talking extra about Fernao Lopes, she added, “The story is about a soldier Fernao Lopes (played by Portuguese-American actor Diogo Morgado) and a girl called Adila Irani. He comes to conquer Goa, and he sees the atrocities against the natives. He’s very against it, and he meets this girl and his love story forms, and he actually changes his religion – he converts to Islam, he goes against his own people like Afonso de Albuquerque, he goes against his own statemen to side with the native people and the Goan people and the love of his life. He gets punished for going against this. He is actually tortured and punished for the actions he took against his own Portuguese people. There were severe consequences.”

Further including about her character and prep, Suhani Gandhi added, “My preparation was research into this world, going back to the 16th century. My character knows basic Portuguese, and for me, it was a good challenge as I love learning languages. So I had to push myself to learn the language and pronunciation and everything.”

Talking about her Fernao Lopes co-star, Diogo Morgado, she stated that she was conscious of his work and wasn’t intimated by him when the taking pictures started. “When we met, it just flowed – it was all fun and we had a great time.”

Talking about working with Shah Rukh Khan in JHMS, Suhani Gandhi stated, “My first ever experience of being on a Hindi film set was with my favourite director Imtiaz Ali and Shah Rukh Khan. I think I was 21 at the time, and it had been for me just six months in India and there I was doing this scene with srk. And by the way I had to audition for it 3 times. I had to audition with Itiaz ali as well. That experience was really interesting because it made me realise that no matter how big of a star you are, when you are on sets with an actor, when ur in character it doesn’t feel like your working with a star. At that age to get that experience was amazing. If I can work with Shah Rukh Khan I can work with anyone, all the nerves just melted.”

On the skilled entrance, Suhani, Gandhi has appeared in cameo roles in Bollywood movies like Jab Harry Met Sejal and Arjun Patiala. She has additionally featured briefly movies like Seasons and Aparichit.

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