Noel Gallagher has been ‘panic buying booze’ to cope with the coronavirus lockdown


The former Oasis star intends to booze his approach by means of the disaster at his residence with his spouse Sara MacDonald now that each one his upcoming concert events have had to be postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic.

As no pubs are open, Noel is ensuring he provides to his alcohol assortment each time he goes out.

Speaking on Matt Morgan’s Funny How? Podcast, Noel stated: “I’ve been panic buying booze. Now that the pubs are shut the only thing to now is to drink your way through it.

“If you do not go away the home you may be OK. I do not see anyone anyway, I journey my bike the place I dwell and also you get the odd automobile on the street however I do not cease to speak to anyone. I can simply shut the door and keep in.”

The 52-year-old songwriter described how he began panic buying alcohol after noticing it had all sold out in his local supermarket.

Noel, who now lives in Hampshire, explained: “We’re out of London, so nicely away from the mad home, we’re alright. I dwell 75 miles outdoors of London now, so it is completely different out right here, I used to be in the grocery store as a result of I wished to see the naked cabinets. I used to be in there as a result of I believed, ‘I’ll get a load of booze’. And all that was there was a load of gluten-free Peroni. All the beers had been gone!

The ‘Wonderwall’ hitmaker – who has two sons Donovan, 12, and Sonny, 9 – additionally expressed bemusement at folks panic buying bathroom roll when the respiratory sickness does not have an effect on your bowells.

Noel remarked: “What I want to know is what is it with the toilet roll? I live in ignorant bliss of everything, I don’t watch the news, but when I heard that people were buying toilet roll, I thought, ‘Oh, does it give you the s**ts?’ It was like, ‘No.’

“But individuals are mass buying bathroom roll and hand sanitiser. I’m simply going to wipe my a*** with one among my youngsters.”
Noel – who has spurned his estranged brother Liam’s request to reform Oasis for a charity gig after the pandemic ends – also admits that he feels “f***ing fortunate” as he is a better position than others to deal with the disease.

He said: “It’s s**t, and for a few of us it is much less s**t than everybody else, and for that we needs to be grateful. I really feel very f***ing


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