Joey King On The Kissing Booth 2: “I Think It Is Better Than The First Movie”

 Joey King On The Kissing Booth 2: “I Think It Is Better Than The First Movie”


Joey King On The Kissing Booth 2: "I Think It Is Better Than The First Movie"
Joey King On The Kissing Booth 2: “I Think It Is Better Than The First Movie”

The Kissing Booth launched in 2018, however it’s nonetheless one of the crucial rewatched motion pictures on Netflix. The movie starred Joey King, Jacob Elordi and Joel Courtney and is all set for a sequel.

The forged, whereas speaking in regards to the upcoming movie, was excited to share their emotions.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Joey King mentioned, “This sequel (Kissing Booth 2), if I may say so myself, I think is better than the first movie. We wanted to give fans something to remember, something that is even bigger and better than the movie that they fell in love with initially, something that exceeded all expectations and still remained true to the absolute fun, loving, ridiculously silly nature of the first movie. And I just think that, not to toot our own horn, but I kind of think that we might have hit it out of the park or whatever.”

Kissing Booth 2 folows Noah’s story (Jacob Elordi), who goes to varsity at Harvard and Elle (Joey King), who’s quickly beginning her senior 12 months of highschool in LA. The long-distance relationship between the couple is the primary focus of the sequel. Two new characters be a part of the story, Marco, aka Taylor Zakhar Perez, and Chloe, aka Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who play a big function.

About his character Marco, Taylor Zakhar Perez mentioned, “Noah’s away to college, and now it’s a long-distance relationship, so kind of tough for Elle, and Marco’s the new kid at school who kind of offers different things for her. He’s artistic. He dances. He plays the guitar. He sings.”

Perez continued, “It’s a kind of whole different kind of guy than she’s used to. And so when they finally have this little meet-cute and they start this relationship, this friendship, I think she starts questioning herself. Does she love Noah? Does she like Marco? What’s her future going to be?”

Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who performs Chloe in Kissing Booth 2, additionally talked about her function, “She instantly becomes best friends with Noah, and she is very elevated. She’s this very intelligent, very dynamic and sort of confident, can control any room that she’s in [type of] person who Elle gets a little bit jealous of when she sort of sees that this close friendship has formed so far away from her.”

She added, “You know, long-distance is so hard, and I think that’s what this film does really well is it sort of exposes the stresses that long distance can put through both of our characters. And it also exposes the assumptions that can be made as a result, and what happens when there’s not great communication among partners. So, it was super fun to come in and stir the pot up a bit.”

Even Joel Courtney mentioned, “Communication. Having been there and done that in a long-distance relationship, communication is key.”

Joey King agreed to what he mentioned by saying, “He’s a hundred percent right. Communication, being honest with each other. Trying to make that person feel like their role in your life is as special as possible, especially if you really care about them.”

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