From The Aristocats & Garfield To Puss & Keanu – Meet The Cutest Cats Of Hollywood Movies

 From The Aristocats & Garfield To Puss & Keanu – Meet The Cutest Cats Of Hollywood Movies


Cats In Hollywood Films Are Super Cute Take For Example Garfield, Puss & Keanu
Garfield, Puss, Keanu & More, Meet The Cutest Cats Of Hollywood (Photo Credit – Imdb)

We have always seen dogs getting the most importance in films be it Hollywood or Bollywood. But did you know, the entertainment industry based in Los Angeles is filled with movies about cats?

Yes, there are dozens of movies dedicated and centred around these furballs. If they don’t play the centre character, they are seen in pivotal roles that take the narrative forward.

Today, we bring you cats from Hollywood films that we totally love. PS: This feature only has cats and those belonging to the cat family like lions, leopards and more.

The Aristocats – The Aristocats

A Still From Aristocats
The Aristocats

The Aristocats is a 1970 Hollywood flick that follows the adventures a family of Parisian felines embark on when the jealous butler leaves them in the country to claim fortunes for himself. It shows how, after taking the advice of a tomcat, they cats try to make it back home and secure their inheritance.

Puss – Puss In Boots

A Still Of Puss From Puss In Boots
Puss From Puss In Boots

The cat in this Hollywood film gets its name from the signature boots he wears. He is fugitive from the law who is trying to clear his name and get back the honour he lost.

Oliver – Oliver & Company

A Still Of Oliver From Oliver & Company
Oliver From Oliver & Company

This Walt Disney animated film follows an orphaned kitten named Oliver who shares a good rapport with the stray dogs in the area. It shows the extent he and his fellow buddies go to in order to help the thief who lives with them on the barge.

Garfield – Garfield

A Still Of Garfield From The Movie Of The Same Name
Garfield From Garfield

Garfield is an overweight, lethargic, arrogant and free-spirited orange cat. He only loves sleeping, eating tuna and keeping his owner Jon to himself, especially after he adopts Odie the dog.

Jones – Alien

A Still Of Jones From Alien
Jones From Alien

This space ship cat is no ordinary piece of fluff. Not only does he outlive most of the humans in the film, but he also serves a significant plot function. He raises tensions at key moments and also provides the film’s only love interest.

Keanu – Keanu

A Still Of Keanu From The Movie Of The Same Name
Keanu From Keanu

We first meet this feline after a meth lab had been shot up by two gangster assassins. The comedy follows a kitten who’s cuteness causes break-ins, shootouts, and all sorts of shenanigans associated with an action flick.

Milo -The Adventures of Milo and Otis

A Still Of Milo From The Adventures Of Milo And Otis
Milo From Yeh Adventures Of Milo And Otis

We have grown up knowing that dogs and cats don’t get along but that’s put to rest with this Hollywood film. Their friendship is evident throughout the film and their adventures is sure to put a smile on your face and set some serious friendship goals.

Some other cats from Hollywood movies that we love are the cat from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Fat Louie (The Princess Diaries), Goose (Captain Marvel), Orion (Men In Black), Mrs. Norris (Harry Potter franchise) and Snowbell (Stuart Little).

Which Hollywood movie cat do you love best? Let us know in the comments.

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