Ek Vaari ‘Aaja Sohniye’ by Vaibhav Saxena

 Ek Vaari ‘Aaja Sohniye’ by Vaibhav Saxena

Another trending music video have been the talk of the town ever since its release for all the positive reasons of course. It has received 1 million views on YouTube within almost 2 weeks. Moreover, this launch celebrates the amazing young talent that comes alongside.

The song opens up with a college scene, where a guy is attracted to a girl (played by Reem Shaikh) but soon this translates into suspense, confusion and some crazy drama between the characters that keeps the story engaging. Singer Kshitij Vedi have done a great job. ‘Aaja Sohniye’ is perhaps his debutant release. And soon follows our rapper Vaibhav Saxena, who have done an amazing work with his rap and music composition, its class apart. The music certainly holds my attention throughout. Reem Shaikh is cute as always and holds the act amazingly well. Overall, promise karda tu naraz na howaga, ek baari gaana tho sun sohniye!

P.S.: Vaibhav is charming :p

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