Dua Lipa believes robots will take over the world in the next 20 years


The ‘New Rules’ hitmaker believes the world is simply 20 years away from having individuals in sure jobs, together with those that work in outlets, “replaced by robots”.

She mentioned: “When people imagined 2020, they probably thought of flying spaceships or stuff like that. Who knows what we’ll see in 20 years from now? I imagine that there will be fewer people working in shops and that we will be ­replaced by robots.”

And Dua doesn’t suppose her personal profession is secure both, as she additionally mentioned computer systems may very well be “the new pop stars” in the coming years.

She added: “Will computers be the new pop stars? It could happen. But I think people still like having someone who is real, ­someone with special ­intelligence, not artificial.”

The 24-year-old singer – who lately launched her newest album ‘Future Nostalgia’ – additionally spoke about her biggest sci-fi need, which might see her receive the potential to journey by means of time.

She defined: “Being able to travel through time, in the sense of being able to stop time to enjoy the moment. Or teleportation, moving between places immediately would greatly simplify my work and my life.”

Whilst dreaming of the future, Dua hopes the world will be much less hateful in 2040, as she hit out at the concept that “everyone hates something or someone” in right now’s society.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, she mentioned: “I don’t ­remember ever being hated before I became famous.
“Since my career started growing though, I feel that everything I do is under scrutiny by the public.

“Today everyone hates something or someone but you can’t take any notice of it. My music wants to be fun. Pop must be fun.”


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