Cardi B Sets The Internet On Fire With Her Silhouette Challenge – Check It Out!

 Cardi B Sets The Internet On Fire With Her Silhouette Challenge – Check It Out!


Cardi B Takes On The Silhouette Challenge & We Are Impressed
Cardi B Looks Hot As She Does The Silhouette Challenge(Pic Credit: Instagram/iamcardib, Getty)

The Silhouette Challenge is creating a rage on Tiktok and Instagram. The latest who has tried it is pop sensation Cardi B. The WAP singer wowed her 82 million Instagram followers by sharing her version of the viral challenge.

Cardi B, who took a stripper job when she was a teen, left fans speechless by performing the Silhouette Challenge by pole dancing. Scroll down and take a look at it below.

Sharing the video on Instagram, Cardi B captioned it, “So I did the silhouette challenge 😩😩….It’s so hard to do tiktoks”54

In the start of the video, Cardi B is seen dressed in a white floral robe with her tresses pulled back with the help of hairpins. In it, we see her looking directly at the camera as she confidently walks towards the pole before the lights change. As the lights change, we see her swinging around the stripper pole in a skintight black outfit.

Commenting on her video, one follower wrote, “U still the 🐐 but I would have been like get off that pole.” Another user wrote, “Omg ur ring light is the shape of a heart !!! Love it !!!” A third replied to her video, writing, “Dj: Coming to the stage, Card B ladies and gentlemen! Make sure to tip your bartenders and if you see something you like, THROW MONEY AT IT !” Another user wrote, “So you could do this but not the WAP DANCE”

Despite making her movements look effortless, Cardi B also shared a bloopers reel on Twitter. This video showed her falling at one point. She tweeted it saying, “I’m not putting my silhouette challenge here. It’s a exclusive for Tiktok and IG ……BUT….I love this spin I wish I would have put this clip in the video.”

What do you think of Cardi B performing the Silhouette Challenge and her blooper video? Let us know in the comments.

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