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Geetanshi Singh

CMO, Desibeats18.com

The blues will not always remain blue, as when thy rainbow sets in, the dullest of the days’ will welcome you with a beautiful sunshine, along with some sweet souvenir sound of the scintillating sky.

And that’s how my name Geet (music/sur) + ansh (piece/part) + i (me) was born to witness this divinity till eternity.

Hello readers!
I am a music, movies, travel, and lifestyle critic. Modelographer, Marketer, and a passionate story narrator are synonymous to me.

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This blog is about the latest news related to the Music industry of Bollywood as well as the international music industry, we also focus on supporting new and independent musicians and we post articles helping them make a sustainable career out of music. Our article answers some very effective yet untouched knowledge in the field of professional music. We also review new music of both established and new musical artists.A regular review of music and audio gadgets will also happen. We at DesiBeats18 started this Music News Portal to give you the latest update of established musicians and artists as well as new and undiscovered talents who are trying hard to make their music heard. For this, we have a team of music-loving journalists sourcing content from everywhere, but still if you find any underprivileged talent or releases worth showcasing but ignored by mainstream media. We are here for you. Contact us Now